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Theobroma cacao

Theobroma cacao L Sterculiaceae Chocolate, Cacao, Cocoa , fruits usually considered drupes but referred to as pods, indehiscent, variable in size and shape, ....saber mais

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Cocoa Tree Chocolate Tree , Theobroma cacao Rated 5 / 5 based on 2 reviews Share: , After the beans are removed from the pod, ....saber mais

Cacao tree Theobroma cacao with pods The fruit of ,

Download this stock image: Cacao tree Theobroma cacao with pods The fruit of gods Chocolate is a cocoa paste made from cacao seeds Tawau Sabah Malaysia - ,...saber mais

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Aug 23, 2017· Theobroma cacao - EXOTIC TROPICAL FRESH germinate seeds inside The cocoa tree bears two harvests of cocoa pods per year Around 20cm in length and 500gms ....saber mais


Every bite of chocolate we eat starts off as seeds in pods that grow on Theobroma cacao, a tree whose name translates to "cacao, food of the gods" Enter chocolate ....saber mais

Chocolate Tree

This beautiful tree has large dark green leaves that shade the fruit pods which grow directly from the trunk and branch , Chocolate Tree - Theobroma cacao ....saber mais

The inheritance of bean size, pod size and ,

The inheritance of bean size, pod size and number of beans per pod in cocoa (Theobroma cacao L), with a note on bean shape...saber mais

Cacao, Chocolate Tree

Cacao, Chocolate Tree - Theobroma cacao L Fig 1 Fig , Entrée de l'écomusée La Maison du Cacao à Pointe-Noire , Cocoa pods in varying levels of ripeness ....saber mais

Theobroma cacao L

Theobroma cacao is cauliflorous and semi-deciduous The tree is low, , Fodder: The cocoa-pod husk has a low alkaloid content, while tannin is practically absent...saber mais

Theobroma Cacao facts

Moniliophthora Pod Rot (Moniliophthora roeri) Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus and Cocoa Pod Borer , The self-incompatibility of Theobroma cacao is an important issue...saber mais

"Theobroma" Cacao Pod Opening

Apr 13, 2015· My Little bro opening up his first cacao pod from montoso gardens He shows you how to open up the pod, ,...saber mais

Theobroma Cacao tree

Description of the Cacao Tree Theobroma cacao is a small understory , make it easier to harvest the pods As with Coffee, Cacao is a crop that is grown in ....saber mais

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Your one stop shop for all of your cocoa pod needs! Offering Cocoa Pods, Cocoa Beans, Jute Sacks, Kits, & more! Find top of the line cocoa today...saber mais