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Any App to disable touchscreen??

Aug 11, 2011· It never fails that every time I start a slideshow or video and hand it to someone to view, they inevitably touch the screen and it stops or goes to....saber mais

Android Vibration ( Keyboard, Ring, Touch )

Jul 17, 2014· How To Disable Keyboard Touch Vibration in Android - Duration: 1:50 , Lenovo A536 - How to disable vibrate on touch,...saber mais

Understanding android input touch events

On my journey of learning Android Development, I've realised that it is really important to understand the input handling especially how the entire touch events ....saber mais

How To Disable TouchWiz on the Epic 4G

Sep 01, 2010· With not too much work at all you can disable TouchWiz as your default , get their update to Android 2 , How To Disable TouchWiz on the Epic 4G...saber mais

how to disable Touch Screen in Android Phone?

while showing progress bar i want to disable touch screen to restrict other functionalities in android phone can any one guide me how to achieve this? any help would ....saber mais

Handling single and multi touch on Android

The Android standard View class support touch events You can react to touch events in your custom views and your activiti Android supports multiple pointers, eg ....saber mais

Disable touch screen on tablet

Oct 03, 2015· I do a lot of digital art, drawing with an S-Pen, a couple apps have options to use stylus only, I can rest my hand on the screen, the rest of the....saber mais

Move from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

May 17, 2017· Ready to transfer to iOS? Download the Move to iOS app to get help switching from your Android device to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch...saber mais

How to Remove Apps from HTC Phone or Tablet

To remove apps from HTC phone or tablet, you can ask help from an app removal tool, , Download MobileGo for Android to know how to remove apps from HTC device...saber mais

disable enable touch apps Android

Apps: -Enable / Disable Applications-Enable/Disable Data Network-Screen Lock best Android apps apps disable enable touch : Android Tablet Smartphone...saber mais

Touch Blocker / Disable Touch 22 APK Download

Touch Blocker / Disable Touch 22 Apk for Android (comargotronictouchblocker), Created by Argotronic in Tools Games...saber mais

Touch Blocker / Disable Touch

Aug 26, 2014· Netflix usage: because many users want to use this app with Netflix, please check below for details on how to use this Touch Blocker with Netflix to ....saber mais

Disable touch screen through ADB?

Jan 09, 2017· Disable touch screen through ADB? Questions and Answers...saber mais

How do you remove Touchwiz!

Jul 23, 2010· I do not like touchwiz I simply would like to use the stock android 21 until 22 comes out does anyone know how disable this at all, plus I would like....saber mais


Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android , Is there a way to disable touch temporarily?...saber mais

Touch handling in Android

Touch handling in Android , optionally ACTION_MOVE if you move your finger while touching the screen and finally ACTION_UP when you remove , For multi-touch ....saber mais

Delete or disable apps on Android

You can uninstall apps you've installed on your device If you remove an app you paid for, , Delete or disable apps on Andro...saber mais

Screen Lock/Disable Touch Pro

May 09, 2014· Buy the author of Screen Lock / Disable Touch a beer -- or simply support his work by purchasing this app You need to get the free app itself here: http ....saber mais

Disable touchscreen area (root available)

My rooted Xperia Z1 on Android 51 has a broken touchscreen area in the upper half of the screen I was able to partly solve the problem by following this SO question ....saber mais

disable screen touch apps Android

Apps: -Screen Lock/Disable Touch Pro-Screen Lock / Disable Touch-Disable scr best Android apps apps disable screen touch : Android Tablet Smartphone...saber mais